Dash Continues to Gain Speed Throughout Nigeria

Dash Continues to Gain Speed Throughout Nigeria

Since adopting the decentralized Dash as our go-to cryptocurrency in Nigeria, we have put the digital asset firmly on the map in this part of the world.
While it was already a permanent fixture in the world’s top 10 cryptocurrencies, it remained an enigma here in the days before DashSquad; that all changed when our team began enthusiastically spreading the word about just how unique and efficient Dash was, representing as it does a convenient monetary solution for a range of everyday applications.
While it would be gilding the lily to claim that every Nigerian you come across is now au fait with the digital currency formerly known as Darkcoin, a community of tech-savvy, outward-looking individuals has taken Dash into its heart, enamoured with its low fees, swift transactions and comparatively stable price – particularly when compared to other forms of cryptocurrency.
But let’s talk about exactly what we’ve achieved during this whirlwind phase.

Bricks and mortar

Since Dash became our crypto-currency of choice, we have built bespoke office facilities from the ground up, creating a nerve centre for marketing, meetings, seminars – the works. With a well fitted solar and inverter, Mini conference room, Computer Lab, A welcoming waiting sections for partners, Room for meetups.
By establishing the first Dash DAO office in the country – and the continent for that matter – we are perfectly placed to monitor and influence the continued expansion of the ecosystem. The partnerships we are forming today represent the future of Dash in Nigeria.

Ongoing projects

The continued popularity of Dash is a credit to both our own endeavours and the company’s 30-strong Core team. Domestically we have initiated a range of projects which should further solidify the currency’s place in the collective consciousness.
They include:
  1. • The buying and selling of Dash gift cards for Amazon, Jumia, Payporte and Walmart
  2. • The selling of utilities bills on our site
  3. • The selling of credit cards top-ups using Piiko API
  4. • The organisation of a Dash Hackathon, to be conducted no later than July 1 in partnership with Andela.

Training, merchant adoption and a recruitment drive
And that’s not all.
We have organised a two-day training workshop at the Chamber of Commerce in Lagos, with a view to Dash being adopted for buying and selling goods. We are convinced that Dash’s usability, popularity and growing number of ambassadors makes it a smart choice for the import-export market.
A total of over 30 merchants will also be registered for the month of June, on discoverDash.com.
Moreover, we are set to employ a number of highly skilled and experienced online marketeers to assist us in breaking new ground and further highlighting the benefits of Dash.
The future is certainly bright, and we’re committed to turning up the wattage; and in doing so, helping our fellow countrymen and women enjoy greater financial freedom.


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