Dash Continues to Gain Speed Throughout Nigeria

Dash Continues to Gain Speed Throughout Nigeria

Since adopting the decentralized Dash as our go-to cryptocurrency in Nigeria, we have put the digital asset firmly on the map in this part of the world.
While it was already a permanent fixture in the world’s top 10 cryptocurrencies, it remained an enigma here in the days before DashSquad; that all changed when our team began enthusiastically spreading the word about just how unique and efficient Dash was, representing as it does a convenient monetary solution for a range of everyday applications.
While it would be gilding the lily to claim that every Nigerian you come across is now au fait with the digital currency formerly known as Darkcoin, a community of tech-savvy, outward-looking individuals has taken Dash into its heart, enamoured with its low fees, swift transactions and comparatively stable price – particularly when compared to other forms of cryptocurrency.
But let’s talk about exactly what we’ve achieved during this whirlwi…

How Nigeria Beat the Odds to Become Africa’s Cryptocurrency Heartland

How Nigeria Beat the Odds to Become Africa’s Cryptocurrency Heartland

African nations can’t get enough of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That’s the message touted by western media at least, which is happy to cheerlead the measures Africans are taking to reclaim their financial freedom and combat inflation. These stories, while true, fail to get to the heart of the manner. Yes, there’s widespread interest in cryptocurrency throughout the continent, but that’s only half the story.

To truly understand the way in which cryptocurrencies are transforming the lives of people, and helping to establish previously unfancied countries such as Nigeria as an unlikely frontier for innovation, it is necessary to dive deeper and look at the projects being undertaken in these lands. Some are hugely ambitious in scope; others are more modest. But in almost every single documented case, the results have been, by any reckoning, deeply impressive.

Start with the numbers

There is a misconception in…


Dash Global Marathon meetups continues
We have successfully finished the first phase of the Dash Marathon Meetups sponsored by Dash Global and we intend to startup the year with a new Phase exclusively sponsored by Dash Global.
We are expecting a total of five to six people at the meetup.
do you know about cryptocurrency? yes i believe you have heard about bitcoin and some alternative currencies but i don't think you have heard or know about Digital cash[Dash]. Come with your smart phones or pcs. I am actually asking you for that because i will be setting up a dash wallet fot the first ten persons to arrive the venue for free and i believe you wouldn't want to miss out.i am looking forward to seeing you there.once again i am Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal.
Venue: Food Paradise Sabo,Kaduna Nigeria.
Time: 3:00PM (No Africa Time)
Date: 4th January 2017
Dress code: A touch of dash (lol)


With the way people are seeking places to have fun during the festive period, I had to hold my meet up in a more fun and entertaining style. Days before my meet up, I had to meet with three business owners, and I was able to convince them to accept dash as a means of payment; this was so I could prove that dash is truly a currency that one can use for their daily transactions to those that would be coming for my meetup.
Among these businesses that now accept DASH is a Barbing Saloon, a Boutique and a Supermarket.
I had 24 people in attendance (that is including myself) and we had a great talk on Dash and Cryptocurrency as a whole for about 2 hours after
which we played a dart game I had earlier designed. The rule of the game was that anyone who hits a spot where I wrote 'DASH' aside from the center, would win $5 worth of DASH, but if you hit a
spot I wrote 'Bitcoin' then you would win 0$ worth of DASH and lastly…


DASH MUSIC AND CULTURAL FESTIVAL This was one of it's kind in Nigeria. We had a two day events with over 300 people the first day and over 500 the second day.
It was a tremendous experieince.
What went down at the event:
presentation outline: What is cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency advantages, Dash and its brief history.
3. I spoke on my personal experience on Dash and the benefits to Nigeria economy if fully adopted. I spoke about basic utility we intend to implement in 2018.
4. THEY ASKED WHERE THEY CAN SPEND DASH: i encouraged them to be hopeful about dash utility in Nigeria as presently we have just a few to go with. But we intend to raise up a proposal which we allow us to buy food, cloth, take uber rides and also train professionals on dash usage in Nigeria. They where all excited about it.
4. I introduced them to different exchanges from wall of coins, luno, remitano, shapeshift and gidicoin where they can buy Dash or Bitcoins and shapeshift it to Dash.
5. We ha…

Dash Global Sponsored Event At Marabarido

We are still running the Dash Global Marathon Event.

Over 30 people came for our last meetup sponsored by Dash Global.  Today’s Meet-Up Held at Marabarido was jaw dropping. Six people knew about Bitcoin. No one knew about Dash. We discussed what assets are, view the graph on Bittrex of Dash over the weeks and how its value has appreciated.

We opened new dash wallet for over 30 folks there. I personally discussed the benefits of dash to them and how they can acquire it. I took them through,, and also gave them a lot of security tips so as not to let them lose their dash.

After the event a lot of the attendees became very interested in crypto currency and most especially DASH.

- Attendees: 30
- Wallets Open: 30
- No One knew about Dash

500 New Dash Wallet

The Chonge Dovetail Festival And Urban Music Festival in collaboration with DASH Squard Nigeria To open 500 New Dash Wallet on the 26th December 2017

I will be partnering with the ChongeDoveTail founders and Urban Music Festival so as to introduce Dash to most of the attendees of the event.

What is ChongeDoveTail? The Festival is an annual one-day festival in the state of Kaduna, in the North-western part of Northern Nigeria. The region is made up of the Bajju indigenes. People from around the world travel to Kaduna just to witness the occasion.The main purpose of the festival is for culture and unity. The purpose of the event is to basickly promote the Bajju culture. The last year event had upto 3,800 attendees.

Urban Music: I decided to throw a proposal to the organiser of the urban music festival which is attended by nearly 200 people. The Urban music showcase absolutely phenomenal independent musical act. At the event attendees can buy thei…