Dash Continues to Gain Speed Throughout Nigeria

Dash Continues to Gain Speed Throughout Nigeria Since adopting the decentralized Dash as our go-to cryptocurrency in Nigeria, we have put the digital asset firmly on the map in this part of the world. While it was already a permanent fixture in the world’s top 10 cryptocurrencies, it remained an enigma here in the days before DashSquad; that all changed when our team began enthusiastically spreading the word about just how unique and efficient Dash was, representing as it does a convenient monetary solution for a range of everyday applications. While it would be gilding the lily to claim that every Nigerian you come across is now au fait with the digital currency formerly known as Darkcoin, a community of tech-savvy, outward-looking individuals has taken Dash into its heart, enamoured with its low fees, swift transactions and comparatively stable price – particularly when compared to other forms of cryptocurrency. But let’s talk about exactly what we’ve achieved during this whirlw


With the way people are seeking places to have fun during the festive period, I had to hold my meet up in a more fun and entertaining style. Days before my meet up, I had to meet with three business owners, and I was able to convince them to accept dash as a means of payment; this was so I could prove that dash is truly a currency that one can use for their daily transactions to those that would be coming for my meetup.
Among these businesses that now accept DASH is a Barbing Saloon, a Boutique and a Supermarket.
I had 24 people in attendance (that is including myself) and we had a great talk on Dash and Cryptocurrency as a whole for about 2 hours after
which we played a dart game I had earlier designed. The rule of the game was that anyone who hits a spot where I wrote 'DASH' aside from the center, would win $5 worth of DASH, but if you hit a
spot I wrote 'Bitcoin' then you would win 0$ worth of DASH and lastly if you hit the center of the dart board then you would be winning $5.20 worth of DASH.
The people in attendance had fun and were thrilled by the transaction speed and transaction fee of DASH compared to Bitcoin.


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