Dash Continues to Gain Speed Throughout Nigeria

Dash Continues to Gain Speed Throughout Nigeria Since adopting the decentralized Dash as our go-to cryptocurrency in Nigeria, we have put the digital asset firmly on the map in this part of the world. While it was already a permanent fixture in the world’s top 10 cryptocurrencies, it remained an enigma here in the days before DashSquad; that all changed when our team began enthusiastically spreading the word about just how unique and efficient Dash was, representing as it does a convenient monetary solution for a range of everyday applications. While it would be gilding the lily to claim that every Nigerian you come across is now au fait with the digital currency formerly known as Darkcoin, a community of tech-savvy, outward-looking individuals has taken Dash into its heart, enamoured with its low fees, swift transactions and comparatively stable price – particularly when compared to other forms of cryptocurrency. But let’s talk about exactly what we’ve achieved during this whirlw


Most definitely.

We are called DashSquard Nigeria. DashSquard comprises of five members from different part of Nigeria with a united goal for Dash adoption in Nigeria. 

So what is DASH?

Dash is digital cash that you can spend anywhere. According to wikipedia.org is an open sourced peer to peer cryptocurrency that aims to be the most user friendly digital currency in the world. 

So, what am i saying? Dash is MONEY but in a digital form. The same way you can spend your Naira to pay for services, you can also spend digital cash (DASH). 

What was i writing about, DashSquard right? yeah! 

We are the first Decentralized crypto group in Nigeria with a heavy passion for Dash. We all have totally dumped our Naira for Dash and we have never for once looked back or even regreted doing that because a crypto currency like Dash is what everyone in Nigeria needs right now.

DashSquard aims to take over Nigeria with Dash. Our intention is to make sure that in every five persons you see on the street of Nigeria, two, already know about dash. We are not coming to talk about any other currency but one; DASH.  

DashSquard will totally revolutionize the way Nigerians see money.

We have a road map for this year 2017, and we have achieved a lot since when we started officially. 

Meet The DashSquard Team

Ogunseye Oluwajuwon Micheal: is a serial enterprenuer, programmer, public speaker and a wanabe writer. Having started several business in cryptocurrency related fields from hedge funding micro finance organisations to exhanges e.t.c.

 His long-time passion for cryptocurrency has led to his involvement in  DashSquard.

He is the co-founder of gidicoin.com and He is the founder and executive director of DI (Dash Investment) which has grown exponentially over the years.

Chinko (你的手) as most telegram users call him has been heavily involved in dash since he got to know about the currency. 

Pius Anyebe: is a veteran programmer. A graduate of computer science. He has been actively involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem for more than four years now. He is the founder of gidicoin.com. Pius is the mastermind behind most of our successful projects out there.

He is a graphic designer a husband and most importantly a father. 

David Chinonso Mogaji: he is the lead developer of DI , DashSquard website and our recent project Dash Nigeria website. He is the co founder of Dash investment. A very active crypto evangelist and a graduate of computer science. 

He is a long standing member of the community in Nigeria. Most known for is Dash activism in the state where he hails from. Dash lead moderator for all the Dash Nigeria groups. He is popularly known by is telegram name Empty.

Blessing Aboi: was intimidated by computer for a very long time and then she discovered Dash from one of our chat in Kaduna. Since then she has been actively talking about Dash to a lot of people in Nigeria and she planned on having more meetups and conference about Dash in Nigeria. 

She is a mathematician, public speaker and the CFO of DI and DashSquard. she is the founder of Dash Lovers club. 

What have been our past achievement?

We have done more than six meetups with a minimum of 40 people per meetups. 

One of our very own Pius Anyebe created an exchanger which sells and buy dash with our local fiat currency which have been a very great help to most of our new dash users. 

We created the first alt coins exchanger in Nigeria with over 300 registered users and still growing massively. 

Our Road-map

1. We will be having up to 10 more meetup for the month of November 2017

2. We are having a major conference for more than 200 Nigeria Military Soldiers. The detail of the conference can be found here 

3. We also planned on making more utility for dash in Nigeria. We are currently planning on making a dash Nigeria website.

This is our road map and features for the site:
i. Chat Forum ii. Airtime mobile top up portal using dash iii. Inbuilt CMS for writers on the site iv. Integrated e-commerce services (Both new and Used goods using only DASH) v. Hiring services for Dash Nigeria Developers (payment will be in dash) vi. Event trigger for Meet-up/seminars/conference vii. Integration of gidicoin Api for buying and selling of dash

4. We creating a Dash startup kits for meetups.

5. We will be at the blockchain conference in Abuja by 15th of this month.

6. Kaduna South will be having their annual cultural festival of over 3,000 people and we have been able to convince them to use Dash as an entrance fee and also to buy food at the event.We will be organizing a meetup for over 500 people before the event to educate them about Dash.

7. DashSquard team will be translating Dash news and information in the three major languages in Nigeria: Hausa, Yoruba and Igbo. We will be creating flyers and printed paper articles for locals to read.

These are just a few of what we intend to achieve before the year runs out.

Thank you DashNation


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